For all special events in your life  in which you need the perfect dress...choose Bauer's Brides & Belles

With today's unlimited venue options, Your Wedding can be anytime... When you are in search of that

perfect dress,  Bauer's should be your destination.  Bauer's has beautiful dresses 365 days of the year! 

No need to wait for a "Special Sale" ...

  Bauer's offer amazing dresses for every budget.  Our selection has dresses for all sizes and every dress  can be

 purchased right off the rack if you choose.  With Bauer's so close to home, there is no reason to travel hours for

that special dress; let alone the additional trips that follow.  That's why Bauer's is your best resource

for all those times that you want to look your best!

For the men we offer a free tux or suit for the groom with a party of 5 or more.  Your tux price includes

everything for a complete look ,( no additonal charges for shoes or vest or tie). 

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Let Bauer's Brides & Belles make your wedding dreams come true!  You will be amazed by all the beautiful bridal gowns  we have to offer.  Choose from the latest styles to the always popular classic gowns.  Bauer's offer you a complete size range too! Our gowns are of impecable quality and are handled with the utmost of care.  We know as a bride, you want the best your money can buy and an experience you truly enjoy and can look back on with pleasure.

 Our prom and homecoming customers are some of our most  exciting and fun-loving people we deal with.  Our  Prom dresses offer styling that is always exciting and new with stunning embellishments, brilliant colors and luxurious fabrics. The Prom season also gives our gentlemen a chance to experience all the latest in trends in tuxedos to reflect what is hot!

Bauer's have one of the largest selections of

dresses you will find in a privately owned

bridal shop inNorthwestern Pa. As a full-

service bridal shop we offer on-the premise

alterations and fittings.  We always look

forward to meeting all of our new

customers especially our new brides and grooms,

their bridal parties and their families. 

At Bauer's there is always time for another

"special dress."

         Now in our 75th Year of Business!"








Who We Are

Bauer's Brides & Belles is a one-stop bridal shop in Wilcox, Pennsylvania.  Having been in business for over 70 years, Bauer's offers first and

foremost the experience your would expect, the quality you deserve and the best in variety that the bridal industry has to offer.  When it comes

to those special events in your life, who better to help you find that perfect dress, accessory or tuxedo.  Bauer's would love it ifyou would

"come and see them first" before traveling into the city.  You'll be pleasantly surprised by what you'll find and as always,  the personal service

that we built our business on.  We look forward to serving you and taking care of you for all your Special Occasions. 

Shop Bauer's in Wilcox, Pennsylvania, you'll be glad you did!

Part-time positions are now available for part-time sales associate and seamstresses.  Apply at our store.